Speak aloud: “I HATE….!!!!”

Start from an interesting poem—Hate Poem

True, it seems people sometimes hate something without a good reason. And in most cases, They are not willing to speak out their hatred…

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Problem Brief

Expressions of emotions affect beliefs about the expresser. Once people identify a target’s emotion, they infer other characteristics about the person (Larissa Z. Tiedens, 2001). The expression of positive emotion communicates an easygoing, optimistic and capable person. The belief that the target is happy results in increase liking. On the contrary, the expression of negative emotions results in the perception that the expressor is weak, incompetent, mean, querulous and subjective. Therefore, evidence shows that people tend to hold back their negative emotions such as sad, anger, disappointed and hatred especially in a socially communicate context, as it might affect their reputation, identity and sometimes hurt other people’s feelings.

Literature Review

  • Sepandar D. Kamvar, Jonathan Harris.We Feel Fine and Searching the Emotional Web
  • B. Pang and L. Lee. Opinion mining and sentiment analysis. Found. Trends Inf. Retr., 2(1-2):1–135, 2008.
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  •  P. Salovey and J. Mayer. Emotional intelligence.Imagination, Cognition, and Personality, 9:185–211, 1990.


I am interested in looking at ways of expressing negative emotions or attitudes, especially hatred in societal context. In this project, my goal is design something that enables people to expose (share) their negative attitudes to the public, and explore the individual as well as societal value of it.


cultivating emotional self-awareness and empathy are key factors in developing emotional intelligence

     a. Values on personal level

  • Outlet for otherwise suppressed emotion  
  • Feel ”empathetic”, “close”, “more connected”, “less lonely”, “calm”, “relaxed”,  “grounded”, “gain validation”
  • Emotions/problems are echoed and reasons are articulated
  • Emotional Self-Awareness and self-reflection with different lens, from subjective to objective

     b. Values on societal level

  • Icebreaker of conversation
  • Raise interesting questions, provide useful sociological insights on epidemic phenomenon
  • Linked people together with patterns of proximity and communication, gather power for seeking solution
  • 4.Good resource of qualitative & quantitative data for research & design


People who are willing to share, reflect and seek for validation of their behaviors or emotions.

Early-phase idea

Design a further information system that can crowdsource people’s negative attitude especially hatred, and connect people with similar hatred, so that people can either be better articulated why they hate certain things and find, or look at other people who have the same hatred several years ago and how, after years later, look at the hatred from a different angle. Basically, the information system could give people other lens in looking at there hatred without jeopardize their privacy.


  • Draw theories from literature regarding how and why people are invited / not willing to share their negative emotions.
  • Research on the development of web2.0, and see haw it enables crowdsourced data mining.
  • My platform would provide an engaging means of qualitative exploration of data regarding people’s love or hatred. Based on this flexible data collection and serving architecture, it enables an ecosystem of data analysis applications
  • Envision the further possibilities of how this crowd generated metadata (people’s hatred) could be re-organized and utilized in meaningful ways.



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