Design Brief:  The Legacy of Kermit the Frog and Triumph the Insult Dog (in progress)

Background: Throughout history, we’ve had the player, the joker, the jester, the sidekick, the muppet and the puppet.  Sometimes, they are characters who manages to poke or push us.  Hiding behind silliness, naiveté, earnestness, or humor, they use their non-threatening facade to get us to question our motivations, laugh at ourselves, question our assumptions, or have difficult conversations.  Their actions, and our reactions, make us seem more human, imperfect and approachable.  Sometimes they are perceived as dangerous, understanding humanity too well and manipulating those around them for their own intents and purposes.

What is the disruptive thought?  Who and what is the muppet, puppet, the jester, of the future?  What is his/her role?  Humor, storytelling, connecting, being creepy…  Who and what do he or she interact with? Humans, technology…

Triumph the insult dog, occupy wall street:

Triumph the insult dog, presidential debate:

Kermit Interview:

Elmo and Michelle Obama:

Elmo talking with military families:

Muppet Kami, from South Africa with Clinton:

Role of the Jester:

Does Game Playing Experience have an impact on the player-PNPC Relationship?


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