Project 3-What if Games are not just Entertaining?

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 2.36.46 PM

My topic is about the future game that could actually contribute to science and project.

The initial idea of this project: What if game is not just entertaining but also useful that allows multiple people to participate and complete a project?

I also found this online game called EyeWire. It’s a game to map the brain from Seung Lab at MIT. Anyone can play and need no scientific background. Over 50,000 people are mapping the 3D structure of neurons. This game is more like a cooperation between humans and computers. Computers in this game scan the 3D map of human brains and make it virtually online, they can get the whole map of brains but cannot decide the shape of single cells, humans are then participated in this game and use their experience and make the right shape of cells.

Inspired from this game, I’m also also looking for possibilities that:
What if there’s a competition game between human and computer teams? (Both in a good way and bad way)
What if humans can do what a computer can’t? Or cooperate with computer?

What if a physical game involved with body movement and behaviors could be useful to society? (Produce electricity, treat detection, Wii? )

EyeWire Game

The research I need to do next:

What makes a good game?

What could be entertaining to a new user?

Where is the opportunity that could introduce a game to finish a professional complex task?

What if games could help kids?


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