Creative Brief: Children at Play


Theme: Children at Play

Overall concept: We are looking at children’s experience with the physical/digital divide (or lack of divide) in the future, alluding to the potentially overprotected world of children.

1. Background

– The Last Child in the woods – depicts a childhood trend whereby there is a  growing divide between children and the outdoors
– Miyazaki also lamented that today’s children live too much in the virtual worlds of TV, games, e-mail, mobile phones and comics, and too little in nature. “It takes away their strength,” he said.
– Dr Seuss – “I didn’t consider them as a child, I consider them as an equal.”
– Drawing on the spirit of the imaginary world and characters that Dr Seuss has created, like (the rhythm, the made-up creatures and words

2. Audience

– parents
– kids
The message is for parents, but the artifact is tailored for children (i.e. Toy commercials)

3. Objectives

– Highlight how technology will shape the future of child’s play

4. The Message

– Children will live, learn and play in both a natural world and an imagined world. The divide between the two will become blurred with technology.
– With the new environments that children interact in, how differently will parents protect their children?

5. The Medium

– video
– artifacts 

6. Anything else

– What questions would parents ask in the future when their child goes outside to play?
– What new skills of the next generation will manifest to help protect themselves? to engage in play?
– What will technology/products look like if they need to exist in both the digital and physical world?
– What would parenting look like in the future?


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