Schedule and areas of research

Group: Somya Jampala, Yian Ling Cheong, Parita Kapadia, Eunice Chung

Our group’s schedule:

4/2 – 4/6  conduct research, finish design brief
4/7 – 4/11  analysis & synthesis
4/12 – 4/18  storyboard
4/19 – 4/22  make evidence for video
4/22 – 4/30  shoot footage and edit

Areas of research:

Children’s fiction
Mediums of children activities
Future of children’s technology
Child protection devices
Dr. Seuss
The book “Lost Child in the Woods”


2 thoughts on “Schedule and areas of research

  1. There is this movie called DogTooth ( that reminds me a bit of your subject, especially the idea of “protecting” or “sheltering” children. It’s a foreign film, a bit disturbing, so not for everyone. But it tells a story about a family that raises their children in complete isolation in the woods. There is a wall around their home and the children never leave. They’re raised to believe that beyond the wall there are monsters that will kill them. There are a lot of strange, twisted things that happen… Like the father comes in from a fight and is bloody and tells the kids he was attacked by a cat. The kids believe there are monsters called cats that will kill them. They believe everything their parents say because there is no reference point for what is real and not real, other than the parents.

    Regardless, as you mentioned in class – what if super heroes are super heroes and monsters are monsters… And what if kids grow up into adults believing these things indefinitely?

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