Science Fiction Exhibit

I visited the EMP Museum (sci fi + pop culture + music) in Seattle this past weekend and ran into the “Icons of Science Fiction” exhibition. They exhibited a lot of interesting artifacts (from movies and novels, mostly) as manifestations of provoking concepts. I thought the presentation of information could be a reference for the space we’re working in. Here are some photos I took from the exhibit:
Science fiction exhibit at EMP Photo Mar 30, 6 11 27 PM Photo Mar 30, 6 11 35 PM Photo Mar 30, 6 11 49 PM Photo Mar 30, 6 11 58 PM Photo Mar 30, 6 14 15 PM

The curatorial statement:

Science fiction asks big, weird questions

These questions involve incredible if not impossible things: futuristic technology, aliens, giant monsters, intelligent robots, people with amazing powers, and more.

This exhibition explores a few of these big “What if?” questions. For each, we present a variety of works by writers, filmmakers, artists, and other creators who answer them. Their answers can be equally big and weird, also startling, serious, astounding, and funny.

Because anything is possible in science fiction, there are an infinite number of answers to these questions.

As you encounter the questions, ask yourself what answers you would give.

And a last question: Who cares? What do stories about other worlds have to do with us? The fact is, all the bizarre stuff in science fiction is a metaphor for real stuff. In other words, science fiction warps reality in order to reveal the truth about it.

– Brooks Peck, Curator


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