Project 3: Toddlers & Touchscreens Disruption Strategy

Inspired by this Wired article, I intend to speculate on imaginary futures of children who grow up completely on touchscreen technology. Below is the beginning of my Disruption Strategy.

Pervasive technology and touchscreens are being introduced to children at an early age. Because these technologies are so new, we do not understand how they will affect children who were born after their invention. There is an opportunity to explore imaginary futures of children who grew up completely with these new technologies.

How do we conventionally address this issue?
Journalists/bloggers/authors write reflectively and sometimes cautiously on these topics. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests keeping toddlers and infants under the age of 2 away from touchscreens and entertainment media, so that their brain develops while interacting with people instead of screens.

What consumer/industry insight would drive us to think differently?

What is the DISRUPTIVE thought?
What if in the future, parents could monitor their children’s access to touchscreens through a chip inside of them? Only a certain amount of time is allotted to touchscreens. The rest of the time must be spent with people. How would children react?

Designers will create a way to increase attention and improve social relations with touchscreen technology. People who grow up completely on these technologies will be at an advantage.


Who are you trying to persuade?
Parents, children, and anyone who blindly believes in the benefits of technology without questioning it.

What is the tone?

Suggested channels?


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