Biofeedback of the future


In the future we will have wearable circuits that go right onto our skin.  See…

Circuits on skin

And currently we have biofeedback as a therapy and mindfulness technique.

What Is Biofeedback? (from UPMC’s site

Biofeedback can help people become more aware of the body’s internal states and learn to self-regulate them.
Electronic instruments are used to amplify and display information about a person’s physiologic processes, such as skin temperature, muscle tension, blood pressure, heart rate, and brain waves.

This feedback helps a person to learn ways to influence physiologic processes that are not typically under conscious control.

Cardiac coherence training is a specific form of biofeedback that emphasizes the impact of the relaxation response on the cardiovascular system.

What happens when we put these concepts together?

All day monitoring of your heart rate, perspiration, breathing, posture, temperature might help you manage stress and be more self aware and make positive changes for your health. It might help you correct your posture or take more time to relax. What happens when you’re in an intimate situation when circuits are constantly measuring your physical response?  Will they help your partner learn how to please you or will it cause intense performance anxiety and ruin the mood?


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