Project 2-Biorobotic hand

My topic is about future robot resource. According to my research, by the end of this century, 70 percent of today’s occupations will likewise be replaced by automation. What would happen then? I envision that in the future, robots are divided into two very different categories, the first majority one is used for heavy assembling and manufacturing that could replace human labors, the other one would be somehow invisible into people’s daily life. This video introduced a bio-robotic hand that could mimic other people’s excellent skills. With bio-robotic technology, robot hands are planted into human’s own hands. They are at first more like a blank paper without any functions. But you can either record your own skill and upload it online or you can download the skills you needed. Yes, this bio-robotic hand could evolve, in the end, this super robot hand could be omnipotent!  For example, you could download skills on line like cooking, sketching, music playing and sport playing. Under this circumstance, society is very different from today. Super minds with creativity are still welcome and replaceable, engineers and scientists are still needed but only in a few areas, their numbers are also reduced. By contrast, highly-skilled people are considered more valuable than today, individuals could donate their own skills to his community, they could it “paying skill tax”. Millionaires could be artists, musicians or athletes.  Art is also redefined, there are no longer such definition like authentic works, because everyone can download the “skill” online and make it happen with their own hands.


Robot hand skill website:!cooking/c1279


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