What Our Time is Worth

Time (no longer) = (just) money. For this design fiction, I’m envisioning a generation that has realized that time is much more valuable than money. It is perishable and cannot be refunded.

So, we strive to over-achieve. Similar to Bucky Fuller’s ideology of Ephemeralization: the ability of technological advancement to do “more and more with less and less, human beings are packing a whole lot in shorter periods of time. But, there are limitations to what the human body can manage. Here’s a quick brainstorm on what the new norms will look like:

  • 80% of unnecessary activities will no longer be carried out.
  • Shortcuts will be taken for essential activities that are time-consuming.
  • Humans will extensively multi-task. No activity will get full attention.


  • People will go back to consuming non-sustainable in favor of convenience and saving time.
  • People will defend their time very ruthlessly. People will be frequently heard saying “You’re not worth my time”

time worth brainstorm

One way of over-achieving is by delegating work to other people. But people won’t give up their time solely for monetary gain. Especially if it’s unfavorable work, hourly wages don’t justify time spent miserably any longer. People need to be enjoying their time in addition to making money.  A next round of brainstorm explores what additional factors our time-sheets might measure.

time worth brainstorm2

Imagining an economy, where time is valued as the most precious resource, I’d like to demonstrate three scenarios where people are striving to get the best value for their time.

  • Saving time
  • Buying time
  • Stealing time

2 thoughts on “What Our Time is Worth

  1. I watched the trailer just yesterday actually. It helped me develop my idea. I think I’m going to look at time as a currency. I’ll look at how people will buy/offer services based on the value they are getting for their time.

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