Proposal #2: What if your online connections could include virtual friends?

What if your online connections could have virtual friends? You could talk to it, teach it, read to it, play with it, ask it questions? Hundreds of people could have a common friend, and you also can have multiple this kind of virtual friends. It’s not only friends who can listen to you, play with you, grow up together with you, but it’s also a good one for crowdsourcing—it’s a wiki-figure that pulls wisdoms from toms of real people who talk to it; its magic power is passing knowledge and solving problems.

In the future, people will consult to their virtual friends instead of “asking google”.

Jesse Schell is a video game designer, CEO of Schell Games and a Distinguished Professor of the Practice of  Entertainment Technology at CMU, a joint master’s program between the College of Fine Arts and School of Computer Science. Here is Jesse Schell’s keynote speech at the 2010 Unite Conference in Montreal, with a focus on the future of virtual characters. It is very helpful.


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