StoryBoards and App Layout

It begins with a room of 4 people on their computers working. Three are in a group talking together and one person sits silently alone to the side. I’m planning on shooting this in Gates. So far I’m planning on asking Sarah to be one of the people, but I’m not who else to ask yet.


This piece describes a hypochondriac trying to self-diagnose themselves, but they become continually notified by the E-psych service. (I think I will be cutting this piece because I think the part isn’t as strong as the ones listed below and it doesn’t seem to add as much as the others, it may confuse instead)


This piece shows the person sitting alone in the corner getting into a comment feud, the E-psych program notifications pop up at the same time. As all the notifications pop up warning him. Eventually the computer shuts off from the program.


This part demonstrates the social affect of E-psych, how people lie about it, how people want to be perceived and what diagnoses is the best.


And to end my video, it ends with someone walking out of the room the group was working in and later into a psychologist’s office. They quickly refer to the program and how they hate it and the psychologist asks why, and then the video shuts off. (I’m planning on shooting this in my apartment. I’m hoping to ask Jackson to be my psychologist and Sarah Read as my frustrated person)


This is an example of where I’ve started with the app design and what information it could potentially show.


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