What if the government instituted a system to create model citizens by using identity as a currency? What if you could work to achieve you’re aspirational identity through actionable and measurable items that converted to currency? What if you could see not just your journey to achieve your best identity but others as well?

Scenario 1: The Identity Bank


A virtual or physical bank which logs and converts aspects of your identity as positive/negative currency. After a week’s worth of living, you can cash in at the bank virtually or at the physical building to determine currency based on what you’ve done for you identity.

Scenario 2 – 4: Waking Up and Going to Work

IMG_0022 copy

2 – Introduction to Identity
Through ambient displays within our everyday objects, for example, when we wake up and brush our teeth, you can see an overview of your identity and different goals to achieve for the day.

3 – Transparency of Identity | Comparison
Everyone must display there identity in some form, see “public” versions of ones identity in public settings such as the subway.

4 – Switching of Modes
As people, our identity are made up of multi-faceted pieces that are put together to make us modular people. Our identities “change” when we switch contexts, whether that be social or environmental for instance. Scenario shows transition from public to work mode.

Scenario 3 – 5

IMG_0022 copy 2

3 – Decision Making through Public Display of Identity
This scenario portrays a business deal which has someone at work discussing a business deal with a client, and transparently seeing aspects of their identity. Although the client may seem successful and full of financial wealth, his worth in regards to his identity is lacking.

4 – The Increasing/Decreasing of Ones Identity Currency
Well being is a facet of our identity, so making decisions for our lifestyle, for example food, can postively or negatively effect the amount of currency your identity is worth. For example, in this scenario, what if someone struggling to keep a healthy diet purchases a hamburger, soda, and fries from their work cafeteria. Their identity’s worth will be displayed on the cash register display when making the transaction, showing not just the monetary value of the meal but also as an indicator, a decrease in their worth.

Scenario 6 – 7

IMG_0022 copy 3

6 – How the display of identity changes within social context
This scenario depicts how the display of identity and the way transactions occur with identity currency can change within social contexts such as group of close friends. A person can see which relationships need more mediation or involvement, and can increase their identity currency by having a balance and retaining of all their social relationships.

7 – More examples of increasing/decreasing identity currency

Another aspect of identity is culture, so what if small actionable items which put you in touch with your cultural background or heritage such as cooking could boost your identity’s worth.

My hope is to depict these different scenarios in very short vignettes which involve a regular day of someone who lives in a world with an alternative currency within their society, and what implications/actions/reactions would occur if identity was a tangible currency which was transparent and publicly displayed for all to see. 


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