Small Group Storyboard Discussion


Some of the ideas in our small group discussions really helped me hone in on how to make the small things within the video that make it all seem a little more real.

One idea was to make a DGSM-21 Manual playing off of the current fifth edition of Diagnonstic and Statisical Manual of Mental Disorders, (adding the G to show a digital version of it. Which I could incorporate both at the psychologist office and on the app of what the information is based on.

Another idea was to add in how the psychologist looks at the computer diagnosis. Perhaps a cd, a usb, a special plug that goes into their computer.

Perhaps brainscan/mri’s are super normalized so there are tons of brain scans over the walls, perhaps they even can measure people’s fingers to see how much pressure is in them and can diagnose them through just their fingers.

Also do people check in their computers at the Psychologists office, is that how they receive the information? Is it all uploaded online. Do you have to print a report or does the office do that for you?

What would some of the additional brochures me at the office?

And what would the medication be, would it be a screensaver with music, would it make you more upset? Would it tell you how long you have?



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