Commercial 3D Printing And Sustainability: Storyboarding

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A person at home is browsing Target on his laptop. He is looking through different types of cups and mugs. The website is the same that we’re all used to, except you notice that instead of buying the actual cups, they all say that only blueprints are sold. The person selects the Creeper Octopus Mug, then clicks the “quick purchase & download” button. He goes to another part of his living room, where his 3D printer is sitting. There’s a warning indicator blinking red that tells him it is low on printing material. He goes to the kitchen and picks out some (precut) plastic scraps from his recycling bin and goes back to the printer. He puts these pieces into the back chamber and hits a button, making the printer start to make noises. -fadeout/in- The red light turns green and the person comes back and hits print, then walks away. Later, the printer makes a confirmation sound, and the person comes back and opens the chamber door, taking out his new mug. He rinses it out in the sink, then fills it with water and goes back to his laptop. He takes a drink from the cup, then sets it down and goes back to work.


To Do:

  • Make false Target website
  • Modify microwave  to look like 3D printer
  • Figure out how to make indicating lights on printer
  • Cut up pieces of recyclable plastic
  • Shoot video 
  • Edit clips to make video
  • Add music

One thought on “Commercial 3D Printing And Sustainability: Storyboarding

  1. What if you step back a little. Say I’m out and about and see someone drinking from a mug that I think it cool. I take a photo of it with my glasses, shoot it off to the internet ether to scan for a variety of mug templates that look like that, but are personalized to my fascination with hedgehogs. I get a quick message on my phone with three possible blueprints. I pick the one I want which is then sent to my home printer and voila, I arrive home to a steaming cup of hot chocolate in my hedgehog themed mug…..

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