Breaking News


The Senator has just been hacked by anonymous. It appears his e-psych reports that he is  ……


We have several images of the data….


Sources say he hired three different personasSONY DSC

[zooms out to living room]


talks about personal e-psych report (they’re failing)SONY DSC

asks to borrow his laptop -> but friend refuses, he lets everyone borrow his and is soon going to be diagnosed as…


Heard about someone who can hack it…

but from here I kind of lost site of where my story should go…. so instead I started brainstorming again!

The other story I was thinking about was a little meta. It’s the idea that someone is talking to their psychologist about their e-psych. 

It starts with their hands fidgiting -> ‘I’m sick of it’

Sick of what?

It shouldn’t categorize what I do.

Why shouldn’t it?

It judges me on everything I do, it adds it all up. Even you can’t do that. You can watch me every second of the day, analyzing me that way.

But I’m analyzing you right now.

Yes, but you are trying to understand me. You have empathy. Those reports don’t, it used to be fine.

What did the reports say this time?

It says I’m….. (and so on)

_____I’m not really sure where I’m at, I keep starting a story before I think of a good beginning, middle and end.


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