Project 2: Resource Sharing in Vertical Cities

Parita, Ahmed, Gilbert and I met over the weekend and solidified on a general scenario that we would all like to explore, which is the idea of vertical cities. (This was narrowed down from a broader topic of mega cities. in the future) What if in the future we created tall buildings that would have everything we would ever need to survive in them? Spaces for living, working, shopping, being entertained, growing, and learning?

Since I was initially interested in resource sharing, naturally I wanted to think a bit about what it would be like to share different kinds of resources in a vertical cities. Some of the characteristics of a vertical city that make this an interesting sharing scenario include:

  • super high-density population, which may mean less privacy/more familiarity with others (maybe) and close physical proximity which facilitates sharing scenarios and may help increase trust and credibility between people
  • built-in infrastructure for easily accessing various parts of the city, which makes sharing easier, faster and more convenient
  • the presence of different classes of people (upper/middle/lower) may influence sharing dynamics

To brainstorm interesting sharing scenarios that may unfold in a vertical city, part of what I did was just make a mind-dump map:


I’ll talk a bit more in another post about the scenario I’m thinking of, hopefully with some storyboards to boot by then.


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