Project 2: 3D Printing Everyday Food (Quick Storyboard)

Quick storyboard of video vignette from class:

Person walks into kitchen after going to the grocery store. Grocery bag in hand. View of oven in disuse with books and items piled on top of it.

Person puts grocery bag on counter, closeup shot of the bag containing nothing but cartridges.

Person puts cartridges away.

Close up shot of cabinet full of cartridges.

Close up shot of refrigerator full of meat cell cartridges and bottled water.

Cat runs up hungry.

Person grabs a “fancy feast” cartridge and inserts it into the 3d printer. Closeup of printer with explanation of parts?

Optional backshot of the printer.

Close up view of the printer touchscreen.

Close up view of the printer touchscreen showing Fancy Feast being printed.

Zoom out, show printer running in kitchen with cat and person waiting.

Printer is done. Cat gets fed.

Person is hungry. Person goes to get different cartridges, inserts them, and repeats the process. Only this time for a plate of human food.

Printer is done. Person walks off screen.

Using a microwave as my “printer.” Main drawback is the fact I currently do not have a kitchen due to my ongoing house renovation *sigh* I might make a mockup kitchen using the old cabinets.

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About yvonnehidle

Yvonne Hidle is a first year MTiD (Master of Tangible Interaction Design) student at Carnegie Mellon University. She has a background in architecture and is interested in the way people interact with the built environment, not only visually, but tactically, acoustically, and emotionally as well. She enjoys creating architectural environments that stimulate the user’s imagination and evoke a broad set of emotions. Yvonne has some Processing and Arduino experience, as well as familiarity with scripting languages such as PHP, CSS, and HTML.

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