Project 2 Progress: Free Association

I am currently trying to translate my research and ideas into something more palatable for a video. Below are pictures and descriptions of the beginning of a dystopian narrative, where people can no longer remember. I am unsure of whether or not I should weave this background into the video, or if I should make a video solely of someone using the imagined piece of “Free Association” technology.






One thought on “Project 2 Progress: Free Association

  1. Came cross this paper today and thought it might be of interest:
    Dan Cosley, Kathy Akey, Brian Alson, Jonathan Baxter, Mark Broomfield, Soyoung Lee, and Chethan Sarabu. 2009. Using technologies to support reminiscence. In Proceedings of the 23rd British HCI Group Annual Conference on People and Computers: Celebrating People and Technology (BCS-HCI ’09). British Computer Society, Swinton, UK, UK, 480-484.

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