Project 2: Water as a sacred resource


What if water became a sacred and scarce resource?
My initial brainstorming session led me to think about self-sufficient communities that would break away from the dependency of mainstream industries who control our resources. From there, I was intrigued with the idea of King Island in Australia, which is where the company “Cloud Juice” manufactures their expensive, pure water. The rain water is supposedly the cleanest water you can get. They filter the water from the rain catchment devices and bottle it up, hand polish each bottle, and send it off to restaurants such as El Bulli (when they were still around) and those alike.

That whole idea of clouds and water being a covetable, expensive thing because of the scarcity and purity appealed to me. What if water did become this highly prized, sacred resource? What would communities look like? What would using water be seen as? If water became a representation of spiritual fulfillment, what would society look like? This then led me to look into biodomes and how a precisely controlled environment could sustain itself.

I’m picturing a subculture – an enclosed ecosystem that’s self-sustaining in which all things are centered around “water”. I’ll be exploring a storyline that will encompass the norms, behaviors, perceptions and systems of this alternate community. While I was sketching I realized the community I drew resembled a sandollar (pictured above). Perhaps it will serve as a jumping point for naming this design fiction…


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