Future Robert Scenarios

Future Robert:

Imagine this: in the future, automation is widely used up to 70% of the world. For those heavy, labor costing jobs like assembling, manufacturing in a plant, they are replaced by robots. As a result, highly skilled people related to emotion and creativity are considered more valuable than today. In daily life, robots are also introduced, but these robots are “invisible ” somehow. For example a bio-robot hand looks just like normal hand.

Scenario 1:

Andy is an artist, he’s traveling to Europe on a train. When he get off the train, he sees a great stunning view of the sunrise. He takes out his sketchbook and pencil. Turn on the action-recording button on his bio-robot hand before sketching. When he finished, he’s satisfied with this masterpiece, so he saved the sketching actions to his mobile device. Now he can send his “work” to his friends or sell it online. When his girlfriend Anna received this “work”, she load it on her own bio-robot hand, she switch it to auto-mode, her hands began to sketch just like Andy! Ten minutes later, another authentic masterpiece of sketch appeared on Anna’s  desk.

Scenario 2:

Amanda is a nurse works in hospital. This hospital is information based and robot controlled. She’s been trained to proficient in soft skills rather than hard skills. She’s now ready to give a injection to a patient. She set her bio-robot arm and let it go. Then she concentrates on communicating with this poor guy and try to calm him down. When she’s talking with her patient, her hands with injection works automatically and precisely on the patient.

Scenario 3:

This is in a kitchen. Chris is trying to make a dinner. Honestly, he’s not a good at cooking. But he searches on internet, find a famous chef’s recording moves. He download them on his bio-robot hand, now he can cut the potatoes just like a professional chef now.



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