A web psychologist

My idea has now evolved within the realm of mental illness online vs mental illness in life. If you have a psychologist for your identity in the world, should you have a psychologist for what you do in the web world? 

Would it be an app that can control what you do on the computer, or does it act like growl (a mac program that alerts you) but it works with you as you type and deal with web situations, with no control just advice. If it did have control who would base it’s actions -> you? a psychologist?

It could also be that a psychologist can diagnose someone based on data from the web, they can track what you say, how much you say, how you react, where you look etc.

Then I wonder how someone would cheat this system, if everyone has to be wary of how they use the web, or if someone wants to prove something, they would need to be able to fake, or choose their moves wisely, or perhaps hire someone else to act for them.

Or what if someone wanted to find out someone else’s web ‘personality’ to see if they have any web illnesses and share it with the public -> like anonymous hacking political leaders.


The monitoring would have to be quite extensive (words typed, conversational responses, published vs non published, time spent, etc. I could see it first being introduced by a hacking agency and then later becoming the norm, where everyone find out what their actions on the internet might lead to.


Right now there is a lot of research to treat the masses through online help. For instance this study of treating anxiety online

As well as studies that look at how the information on health sites are being read: http://www.jmir.org/2010/5/e51/http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3098170/

The Australian Psychology Association are calling the use of internet in behavior change   e-interventions and suggest when it’s most appropriate

And whether or not people preferred the internet vs real life interactions with a psychologist

And this article that reflects on internet therapy and it’s future in Australian society


There are also ethical questions to whether or not the internet is an appropriate place to receive help for mental illnesses

What if everyone was diagnosed online?

And then there would be the analysis of how the different diagnoses use the internet   Depression          Sharing Demons        and many on:  Internet Addiction-> and another -> another -> another trying to battle it

I also found Dr. Kimberly Young who has been studying Internet Addiction and it’s different forms since 1995.


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