New York commuters take on rising sea level

New York stands to lose a lot of ground if sea level rises as predicted. If NYC becomes a more watery place how will people adapt? Will we see New Yorkers paddling or swimming to work in the financial district?

Will New York’s all black fashion move to designer neoprene wet suits? Perhaps commuters will paddle kayaks to work outfitted with coffee cup holders and a space for a small dog. Taxis become large voyageur style canoes and buildings replace entryways with floating docks and liverys. Trade the bike lane for the swim lane. Everyone will have to learn to swim. How will the executive class of Wall Street bankers distinguish themselves in what they row to work? Luxury single person yachts? Will buildings all be connected on the 4th floor similar to how mminneapolis downtown is connected on the 2nd floor to avoid winter conditions?


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