Pressure Project. Make It Clear: convey emotions through distance.

2013-02-04 18.26.33 2013-02-04 18.25.38

What if there would be an opportunity to convey emotions through distance? In particular, to let people clearly understand tone and intonation of each other’s text messages to avoid misunderstandings and quarrels?

The idea for this project appeared from my personal experience. I have a boyfriend back in Russia, and we rarely have any arguments when we are together. However, things change when I go back to the USA: texting with him reveals a whole bunch of misunderstandings and quarrels that happened only because we did not understand each other’s voice, mood, tone, and intention.

So I really think it would be useful to invent a technology that would help to convey your companion’s emotions to help understand the real meaning of the things he is saying.
I also would like to mention that just setting a Facebook status like “I’m so sad :(” is not enough: there should be an opportunity to precise the mood and tone of every phrase. Moreover, not all people like to show their feelings in public by setting statuses.

What it might be?
I envision it as a separate device that allows texting and seeing your companion’s face expression to facilitate understanding the meaning of the words.
Primarily, it should be designed for couples, because I think they suffer the most because of not knowing each other’s intonation.

I’ll focus on making the artifact as feasible as possible by describing its features and functionality principles.

My final deliverable should include:

  • simple paper prototype of a device
  • detailed description of functionality
  • designed package


Here’s my artifact. It’s a present couples may give each other as a gift for St. Valentine’s Day.

The box is embellished with handwritten tracery.

Inside you’ll find colored paper, detailed instruction, and the prototype of a device.

You can read the instruction: Instruction for “Make it Clear”

2013-02-04 18.26.33 2013-02-04 18.25.312013-02-04 18.25.38


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