Final project 2. Knowledge of the Future: natural and artificial.

Below is the detailed description of the creation process of my movie.

I. Initial idea and research

The preliminary idea for this project is that the technology in future will allow people upload knowledge/skills they want directly into their brains using expensive flash drives.

I made a research and was inspired by the following resources:

  1. Decoded Neurofeedback 
  2. Upload Knowledge into Brain
  • How can we transfer not only the data but experience and skills? In which form it may be represented?
  1. Matrix-Style
  2. Cyber Warriors

II. Developing the idea. Social aspect.

But let’s imagine for a minute that all this is possible: people upload everything they need directly to their head in a couple of minutes, become whoever they want without spending a lot of time or effort. How then people can be distinguished?

I believe, this may become a serious social problem in future.

For example, people will organize Greenpeace-like groups and strike against making people the same. They’ll want “natural” knowledge, not the “artificial” one. Knowledge and experience a person obtained without super-technology will be very valuable. Probably people will have personal ID cards that will store the real information about the knowledge and skills of a particular person: the list of “natural” knowledge and the list of “artificial” or easy knowledge. This is how people will still distinguish hard-working humans from “cheaters”.

III. Storyboard and sketches

My first step in thinking about the movie structure was creating a storyboard and sketches of some artifacts.

Here you can see the pictures:

My storyboard

My storyboard

Sketch of the leaflet

Sketch of a leaflet of a social organization against ‘artificial’ knowledge

IV. Movie script

Sneak peak:

In future the technology development allows rich people buy expensive flash drives with the knowledge/skills they need and upload it directly to their brain in a couple of seconds. This makes a huge gap between poor and rich people. There appear a lot of organizations whose members are pro ‘natural’ knowledge – the knowledge acquired through hard work – and against ‘artificial’ knowledge.

Information about ‘artificial’ and ’natural’ knowledge a person got will be stored in a special section of his ID card. This will help things to be fair at least in some way: once people are looking for jobs, the recruiters may easily check who cheated and who did not.

Nevertheless, people cannot refuse from using these flash drives completely, because there are some situations in life when you may need to have some skills/knowledge really fast.

The movie is about two college students: Rachel, a hard-working girl, and David, a guy from a rich family.

You can see the script here: Knowledge of the Future. Script

V. Project artifacts

Here are two other artifact other than the movie for this project. You’ll see both in the movie.

  1. Posters against “artificial”, easy knowledge. All natural – all yours!
    You can see it in the second scene, where Rachel and her friend receive these flyers from guys from anti-artificial knowledge college organization.
    Anti-artificial knowledge poster
  2. Personal resume stored in ID card. Contains data about all “artificial” knowledge you obtain, your “natural” characteristics, and your identity profile based on those.
    You will see this resume in the scene where Rachel has an interview in a huge corporation.
    Resume of the Future

VI. Movie link on Vimeo

Finally, you are more than welcome to watch my movie on Vimeo: Knowledge of the Future

I hope you’ll like it!

Thank you for your time!


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