Project 2: Resource Sharing in Vertical Cities

Parita, Ahmed, Gilbert and I met over the weekend and solidified on a general scenario that we would all like to explore, which is the idea of vertical cities. (This was narrowed down from a broader topic of mega cities. in the future) What if in the future we created tall buildings that would have everything we would ever need to survive in them? Spaces for living, working, shopping, being entertained, growing, and learning?

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Project 2 Progress: Free Association

I am currently trying to translate my research and ideas into something more palatable for a video. Below are pictures and descriptions of the beginning of a dystopian narrative, where people can no longer remember. I am unsure of whether or not I should weave this background into the video, or if I should make a video solely of someone using the imagined piece of “Free Association” technology.

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Digital Superstitions: Form Giving and Setting

I’ve been thinking a lot about my digital superstitions project. There are several outstanding questions for this work:

Form – What will the artifacts look like? I think the sweet spot here is something between familiar and unfamiliar. Superstitions are rooted in culture, history, and personal beliefs, and so it wouldn’t make sense for it to be¬†overtly¬†foreign. To try and figure this out, I’ve been looking into the form of superstitious objects people have now. There are a couple of categories:

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