2013 Class Discussion Links Archive

Week 10
Radiolab “Talking to Machines” – Furbies, gerbils and barbies
Teddy bear hospital of Pittsburgh
Reasons my son is crying
Things My Girlfriend and I argue about
The Happiness Project
Man interviews his 12 year old self
What’s on your happy list?

Week 9
Storytelling for User Experience – Whitney Quesenbery and Kevin Brooks
Chapter 14 – Developing structure and plot
Lost in La Mancha
The Cutting Edge Magic of Movie Editing: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Week 7
Storyboarding at Pixar
22 Rules to Phenomanal Storytelling
E-waste brief article in Social Innovation Review

Week 6
Information about multimedia lending in CFA
Please register first on online Clusters Multimedia Lending
Equipment list
Lending policy

Week 5
3D Printing
D Printing: A technology to bet on?
3-Doodler Pen

Real/virtual pets

Future store products

For one night only

Week 4
02/12 Scenario 2 first discussion

Week 3
Walking and Urban Movement
Urbanized – the movie
Echo System

Donna Haraway – Cyborgs, Dogs and Companion Species 
Donna Haraway – A cyborg manifesto
Dog Shaming
SNIF Tag (no longer a company)
Eddie Izzard – pet relations
Puppy Bowl and Animal Shelters

Distance Communication
Next Media Animation
Obama’s Anger Translator
This American Life: Smell on Mapping Episode
Culture File: Intimacy Devices over the Internet

Dillon Patrick Shoes: Play Lab Project
Dave Chappelle- Making the band and personal transportation

Drones + Instruments of War
War Games Trailer
Seed Bombs
Ars Electronica FutureLab Drone Flight
Jay Zehngebot
Drone Shadows
The periscope project

Video Dating
Video Dating Montage
Winnipeg, Manitoba Pay It Forward
Les Miserables

Bags + Lockers
Locker Decoration in Middle Schools 
Pierre Klein: Elles vident Leur Sac][[http://www.lexpress.fr/styles/diapo-photo/styles/question-style/elles-vident-leur-sac-l-expo-girly_957611.html|Pierre Klein
Pierre Klein II
Flickr Group: What’s in your bag?
Jason Travis

Week 2
Martin Guixe
Food Designing

Jurgen Bey
Studio Makkink and Bey

Dunne and Raby

What If?
Alarm Clocks
Lonely Men
Park Furniture
Nature and Time

Ivan Illich – Deschooling Society
A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt
Modernist Cuisine
El Bulli – Cooking in Progress
Global alcohol consumption
Representing Autism: Culture, Narrative, Fascination by author Stuart Murray
Some background on the book ‘A beautiful mind” 
Manifesto of Futurism
Aaron Swartz and again

Week 1
Body Modification
Genesis Breyer P-orridge
NY Magazine article about Genesis P-Orridge’s Pandrogeny project

Previous Play Lab projects
Tina Musich: ‘Museum of Weather’ Play Lab project (scroll to end)
Sarah Gorman: Meet-Market Play Lab project.

Dating Research
OkCupid research blog

Fast Food Help?
AspireAssist Stomach Extraction Device
Stomach Extraction Device Patent

Rethinking Disability
Aimee Mullins TED talk: It’s not fair having 12 pairs of legs


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